Super Smash Bros. EXTREME is the 4th instalment in the Super Smash Bros. series. The game is so far confirmed for 2 game systems:3DS and Wii U. Confirmed modes are: Normal Brawl, Story Mode, A Classic mode much like the Pre-qul,but has 15 stages insted of 12. Multi Man Brawl and Home Run Contest are also confirmed,but more ways to play,such as alowing 4 players in Home Run Contest insted of only 2. All  levels of difficulty are confirmed, they are: Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard, Intense, and a new XTREME mode.The relese date is set to be in Early 2014.


Rating: T for Teen (for ages 13 and up)

Crude Humor

Fantesy Voilence

Cartoon Blood

Fighters ListEdit

Many new fighters are confirmed. Heros and Villins alike are shown from series like Super Mario, Legend of Zelda, Star Fox, Pikmin, Kirby, Pokemon, even 3 Sonic fighters and the Glicth pokemon Missingno are confirmed. 64 fighters are confirmed. 15 are defult fighters.

Defult Fighters

1. Mario

2. Kirby

3. Link

4. Fox

5. Pikachu

6. Sonic 

7. Zelda

8. Pokemon Trainer

9. Luigi

10. Peach

11. Meta Kight

12. Donkey Kong

13.  Falco

14. Oilmar

15. Bowser

Unlockable Fighters

16. Daisy

17. Yoshi

18. Wario

19. Wolf

20. Lucario

21. King Dedede

22. Jigglypuff

23. Captain Falcon

24. Dr. Eggman

25. Mr. Game and Watch

26. Diddy Kong

28. Dry Bones

29. Mewtwo

30. Hammer Bro

31. Bowser Jr.

32. King Boo

33. Professor E. Gadd

34. Boo

35. Goomba

36. Kamek

37. Dr. Mario

38. Shadow 

39. Birdo

40. Waluigi

41. Shroob

42. Geno

43. Mallow

44. Marth

45. Ike

46. Lucus

47. Ness

48. Paratroopa

49. Wiggler

50. King Bob-omb

51. Metal Mario

52. Honey Queen

53. R.O.B.

54. Mii Outfit A

55. Mii Outfit B

56. Mii Outfit C

57. Mii Outfit D

58. Mii Outfit E

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