Return of the Best Eleven is a special movie made by The Random Block. The two main teams are the Lightning Best Eleven team, captained by Mark Evans, and the Lightning Battle Eleven team, what is now having no official captain.

Summary Edit

The movie starts up with Mark Evans arriving at the football pitch of Spire High School, where the football match takes place. Along with the whole Lightning Best Eleven, they arrived at Spire High School, where they meet a guy that loves soccer. Flyer joined the team before the match with Spire begins. Their captain, Corrin Fireshade, known as Flare, presents his team. The match against Best Eleven and Spire has began, with Flare shooting by using his special move, Flying Fireball, what was breaken by Mark's God Hand. Typhoon then shoots by using his new special move, what was learned in the training centre. Spire's goalkeeper does not used a special move, and Best Eleven scored one goal. Spire's goalkeeper uses Light Wall to block some shoots of Best Eleven. Typhoon uses Waterspout Bolt again to break Light Wall and win the match.

After winning the match, the Best Eleven goes into the training centre, where Mark learns Light Wall and Typhoon learns Waterstorm Bolt. After the training, the Best Eleven leaves and sees an announcement that reads about charity match against Lightning Best Eleven and Lightning Battle Eleven in the Best Eleven Stadium.

In the next scene, the Best Eleven Stadium is full of fans, and the commentator starts to announce the members of Lightning Best Eleven. After that, Lightning Battle Eleven appear through a black and glowing purple ball. The commentator starts to announce the members of the Battle Eleven, and the line-up of these two teams. Mark, who is ready for the match, wears off the captain's band, and gives it to Typhoon. They go back to their positions. The referees show up the trophy what was earned by the team who got most points at the charity match.

The charity match begins with Best Eleven!