Mario Kart Double Dash The Squeals/Mario Kart Double Dash: The Sequeal
MKDDTS Box Artwork




Nintendo, Fantendo


Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo ZGP


Party, Kart racing, Action

Release Date(s)

14 December 2012

20 December 2012

16 December 2012

18 December 2012


Up to 10 Players

(4 Wii Controllers and 4 GCN controllers and 2 ZGP controllers)

Up to 10 Players via WiFi


E for Everyone

Media Included

Wii Optical Disk and 3DS Game Cartridge and ZGP Optical Disk with Digital Download

Mario Kart: Double Dash!! The Squeals (Mario Kart: Double Dash!! 2!! in EUR) is the sequel to the original Mario Kart: Double Dash. It is available for Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo ZGP as usual (elder is Nintendo Wii and Nintendo 3DS).

Characters and PartnersEdit

There are 92 Characters (94 if Mallet and Hammer Bro downloaded) in total, 36 starters, 56 unlockables (58 while Mallet and Hammer Bro are in Hammer Pack). There are 5 weight classes: Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy (in ZGP version, there's a new class, Standard, added to the weight classes).


Mario MK7 Luigi MP9 230px-Peach FS Daisy MK7
Princess Daisy
Mario's Rainbow Castle Luigi's Mansion II Peach's Palace Daisy Hills (3DS)
Special Item: Red Fireballs Special Item: Green Fireballs Special Item: Heart Special Item: Heart
1000px-MKPC Yoshi Solo Birdo. ToadMK7 563px-ToadetteMP8
Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) Yoshi Park Toad Turnpike (N64) Mushroom Gorge (Wii)
Special Item: Yoshi Egg Special Item: Birdo Egg Special Item: Golden Mushroom Special Item: Toad Brigade Cannon
200px-KoopaTroopa MP9 ParatroopaMKH 210px-Nsmb2goomba2 200px-MSSParagomba
Koopa Troopa
Koopa's Seaside Soiree Paratroopa Party Shroom Woods Heatwave House and Wario's Shipyard (3DS)
Special Item: Triple Green Shells Special Item: Triple Red Shells Special Item: Mega Mushroom Special Item: Mega Mushroom
197px-Shyguy MP9 FlyGuy Wairo MK7 Waluigi SMW
Shy Guy
Fly Guy
Shy Guy Beach Fly Guy Isle Waluigi Pinball (DS) and Wario's Shipyard (3DS) Waluigi Stadium (GCN)
Special Item: Shy Charge Special Item: Gyro Guy Special Item: Triple Spiny Shell Special Item: Triple Spiny Shell
Rosalina Mk7 180px-Pauline MvsDK2 Bandit.
Rainbow Road 1 Rainbow Road 2 Mowz's Hideout Bomb-omb Brigade Prix
Special Item: Grand Star Special Item: Toys Special Item: Triple Bob-omb Special Item: Triple Bob-omb
20100707173241!Whittle Tumble MK3DS M m super sluggers Main
Monty MoleLight/Medium Major Burrows
Ninja Forest Tumble Circuit Cliff Circuit Major Burrows' Pier
Special Item: Super Acorn Special Item: Dice Block Special Item: Wrenches Special Item: Wrenches
BabyWario Baby Waluigi Baby Rosalina by hikolol35 200px-SMG Luma
Baby Wario
Baby Waluigi
Baby Rosalina
Baby Wario School Baby Waluigi Palace Baby Rosalina Iceway Luma Circuit
Special Item: Magnet Special Item: Magnet Special Item: Star Bits Special Item: Star Bits
BDKSluggers 551px-DKJrMKXS Big Boo NSMBDIY Cosmic Mario
Baby Donkey Kong
Donkey Kong Jr.
Cosmic Mario
Diddy Pack Choco Island 1 (SNES) Ghost Valley 1 (SNES) Galaxy Raceway
Special Item: Five Bananas Special Item: Five Bananas Special Item: Ghost Hunt Special Item: Clone Party
Firey Dino Piranha Main (1) 240px-KingKalienteProfile Main (2)
Fiery Dino Piranha
Dino Piranha
King Kaliente
Grumble Volcano (Wii) Good Egg Galaxy Bowser Castle 1 (GBA) Ghost Valley 1 (SNES)
Special Item: Fiery Dino Egg Special Item: Dino Egg Special Item: Triple Coconuts Special Item: Triple Coconuts

Teams of Double Dash ModeEdit


  • Mario & Luigi
  • Peach & Daisy
  • Yoshi & Birdo
  • Toad & Toadette
  • Koopa Troopa & Paratroopa
  • Goomba & Paragoomba
  • Shy Guy & Fly Guy
  • Wario & Waluigi
  • Rosalina & Pauline
  • Mowz & Bandit
  • Whittle & Tumble
  • Monty Mole & Major Burrows
  • Baby Wario & Baby Waluigi
  • Baby Rosalina & Luma
  • Baby Donkey Kong & Donkey Kong Jr.
  • Boo & Cosmic Clone
  • Fiery Dino Piranha & Dino Piranha
  • King Kaliente & Bouldergeist



Baby Mario Baby Luigi MSS Baby peach Baby mario and friends 5
Baby Mario
Baby Luigi
Baby Peach
Baby Daisy
Mario Circuit (Wii) Rio de Janeiro and Luigi Raceway (N64) Kalimari Railway Mariachi Mole Mine
Special Item: Chain Chomp Special Item: Fire Chomp Special Item: Triple Hearts Special Item: Blossom Blocks
Bowser 1000px-Bowser Jr Donkey Kong Diddy Kong
Bowser Jr.
Donkey Kong
Diddy Kong
Bowser's Fortress Bowser Jr's Castle DK Jungle Hijinks and DK Jungle (3DS) Grumble Volcano (Wii)
Special Item: Bowser's Shell Special Item: Bowser's Shell Special Item: Giant Banana Special Item: Giant Banana
King Boo in Luigi's Mansion 2 429px-Petey Piranha NSMBVR 285px-Funky Kong Brawl 250px-Dixiekongbig
King Boo
Petey Piranha
Funky Kong
Dixie Kong
Luigi's Mansion (NDS)

Biddybud Dash

Funky Kong Circuit Music Mania and Rainbow Road (Wii)
Special Item: Boo Bomb Special Item: Piranha Chomp Special Item: Surfboards Special Item: Fake Coins
250px-MP8 DryBones 538682-drybowser 366584-nokiii large 300px-MarioSuperSluggersPianta
Dry Bones
Dry Bowser
Kalimari Desert (N64) Koopa City (3DS) C'est Defino!! Cheep Cheep Beach (NDS) and Rainbow Road (SNES)
Special Item: Dry Shell Special Item: Dry Bowser's Shell Special Item: Triple Shine Sprite Special Item: Triple Shine Sprite
150px-Blooper Artwork 354px-Red Lakitu MK7 200px-QueenBee
Sledge Bro*


Honey Queen
Dry Dry Ruins (Wii) and Sledge Bridge Sherbet Land Dry Dry Ruins (Wii) Melody Motorway (3DS)
Special Item: Sledge Special Item: Bloop Bomb Special Item: Dark Cloud Special Item: Bees
1000px-BulletBillWii Banzai-Bill Big Bob-omb NSMBVR Eyerock
Bullet Bill
Banzai Bill
King Bob-omb
Moshpit Playroom Bullet Bill Highway Maka Wuhu (3DS) Mushroom Gorge (Wii)
Special Item: Triple Star Special Item: Triple Star Special Item: Red Bob-omb Special Item: Red Bob-omb
100px-Pokey Wig-geler Cosmolina 200px-SMG2 PurpleLuma
Cosmic Spirit
Pokey Desert Maple Treeway (Wii) Flip-Swap Circuit Maka Wuhu (3DS)
Special Item: Flutter Jump Special Item: Flutter Jump Special Item: Cosmic Blast Special Item: Star Spin
300px-Gooperblooper01 200px-Cheep Cheep Images (4) Tinymss
Gooper Blooper
Cheep Cheep
Tiki Goon
Tiny Kong
Koopa Cape (Wii) Cheep Cheep Sea Tiki Goon Jungle Maple Treeway (Wii)
Special Item: Triple Blooper Special Item: Triple Blooper Special Item: Bonjo Beats Special Item: Feather Bow
Kritter1 150px-King K. Rool Artwork Whomp 1855598457
King K. Rool
Chain Chomp
Kalimari Railway Wario's Shipyard (3DS) Rainbow Road (3DS) Pokey Desert
Special Item: The Chomper Special Item: K.Rool Missile Special Item: Whimp Special Item: Chomp Crash
150px-Spike 93px-Dragonia Koopa Sports Artwork 184px-Kamek Suprised 200px-Kamella SMG
Dragonia Koopa
Cliff Circuit Bowser Castle 1 (GBA) Koopa City (3DS) Wario's Shipyard (3DS)
Special Item: Spike Ball Special Item: Magic Bolt Special Item: Magic Spell Special Item: Fireballs
150px-Baby Yoshi BirdoBirdo 250px-BoomBoomSM3DL 200px-Pom pom
Baby Yoshi
Baby Birdo
Boom Boom
Pom Pom
Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) Yoshi Park Mushroom Gorge (Wii) Kalimari Desert (N64)
Special Item: Triple Yoshi Egg Special Item: Exploding Eggs Special Item: Tornado Special Item: Boomerang
Penguin Mr. Blizzard NSMBVR 200px-MetalMario MK7 Metal Luigi
Mr. Blizzard
Metal Mario
Metal Luigi
Sherbet Land Moshpit Playroom Koopa City (3DS) Luigi Mansion II
Special Item: Snowball Special Item: Snowball Special Item: Triple Metal Shells Special Item: Metal Fireballs
150px-PaperMarioDTT 150px-PaperLuigiDTT 92099097 139px-NES LUIGI MASP
Paper Mario
Paper Luigi
Retro Mario
Retro Luigi
Mario Circuit (Wii) Rio de Jeneiro Mario Rainbow Castle Luigi Mansion (NDS)
Special Item: Paper Red Shell Special Item: Paper Green Shell Special Item: NES Red Shell Special Item: NES Green Shell
Professor E. Gadd 185px-MKPC ROB 150px-Mii mk7 Clarkkart1
Professer E. Gadd
Mii Kart Outfit
Mii Bike Outfit
Luigi Mansion II Koopa City (3DS) Any Track Any Track
Special Item: Poltergust 3001 Special Item: Laser Special Item: Parade Power Special Item: Parade Power

How to UnlockEdit

How to Unlock

You unlock 2 characters in every criteria, the Teams of Double Dash Mode:

Baby Mario & Baby Luigi Get a Star Rank on all 50cc Nitro Cups
Baby Peach & Baby Daisy Get a Star Rank on all 50cc Retro Cups
Bowser & Bowser Jr. Get a Star Rank on 50cc Rainbow Road Cup
Donkey Kong & Diddy Kong Get a Star Rank on all 100cc Nitro Cups
King Boo & Petey Piranha Get a Star Rank on all 100cc Retro Cups
Funky Kong & Dixie Kong Get a Star Rank on 100cc Rainbow Road Cup
Dry Bones & Dry Bowser Get a Star Rank on all 150cc Nitro Cups
Noki & Pianta Get a Star Rank on all 150cc Retro Cups
Sledge Bro & Blooper Get a Star Rank on 150cc Rainbow Road Cup
Lakitu & Honey Queen Get a Star Rank on all 200cc Nitro Cups
Bullet Bill & Banzai Bill Get a Star Rank on all 200cc Retro Cups
King Bob-omb & Eyerok Get a Star Rank on 200cc Rainbow Road Cup
Pokey & Wiggler Get a Star Rank on all Mirror Nitro Cups
Cosmic Spirit & Lubba Get a Star Rank on all Mirror Retro Cups
Gooper Blooper & Cheep Cheep Get a Star Rank on Mirror Rainbow Road Special Cup
Tiki Goon & Tiny Kong Get a Star Rank on all Backward Nitro Cups
Kritter & King K.Rool Get a Star Rank on all Backward Retro Cups
Whomp & Chain Chomp Get a Star Rank on Backward Rainbow Road Cup
Spike & Dragonia Koopa Play 4 Time Trials
Kamek & Kamella Play 8 Time Trials
Baby Yoshi & Baby Birdo Play 12 Time Trials
Boom Boom & Pom Pom Play 16 Time Trials
Penguin & Mr. Blizzard Play 20 Time Trials
Metal Mario & Metal Luigi Play 24 Time Trials
Paper Mario & Paper Luigi Play 28 Time Trials
Retro Mario & Retro Luigi Play 32 Time Trials
Professer E.Gadd & R.O.B. Play 36 Time Trials
Mii Kart Outfit & Mii Bike Outfit

Win all 12 cups in all speed classes or play 40 time trials.

Mallet and Hammer Bro - QR Code

Goombario and Tutankaboom - QR Code

Sledge Bro is an exclusive character to ZGP version, where in Wii and 3DS version, he is replaced by Hammer Bro. Marked by an asterisk (*).

Courses Edit

Nitro CoursesEdit

Mushroom Cup 1000px-Super Mushroom SM3DL Flower Cup 1000px-FireFlowerSM3DL Star Cup 1000px-StarFlip Spiny Cup BlueShellSpiked Special Cup 1 Special Cup Special Cup 3 Special Cup
Mario's Rainbow Castle

Mario Castle

Luigi's Mansion II Bowser Jr's Castle Waluigi Circuit Baby Wario School C'est Defino!!
Shroom CircuitMushroom Speedtrack Koopa's Seaside SoireeKoopa Beach DK's Jungle Hijinks

Kong Jungle

Baby DK Jungle Fly Guy Isle

Fly Guy Skies

Rio de Janeiro
Tanooki Land Shroom Woods

Woody Woods

Baby Waluigi Palace Bullet Bill Highway Mosh Pit Playroom Biddybud Bash
Bowser's Fortress Mowz's Hideout

Mowz Fort

Funky Kong Circuit Baby Rosalina Iceway Lubba Circuit Bob-omb Brigade Prix

Bob-omb Slide

Mariachi Mole Mine Paratroopa Party Music Mania

Music Mall

Wario Mania Luma CircuitLuma Raceway Kalimari Railway
Ninja Forest Tumble Circuit Cliff Circuit Major Burrows Pier Galaxy Raceway Good Egg Galaxy
Cheep Cheep Sea Tiki Goon Jungle Birdo Park Kritter Valley Yoshi Park Rainbow Road

Retro CoursesEdit

Shell Cup GreenShell Banana Cup BananaPeel Bob-omb Cup Stand-omb Leaf Cup SuperLeafFlip Lightning Cup ThunderboltNoGlow Mega 'Shroom Cup Mega Mushroom
Luigi Mansion (NDS) Shy Guy Beach (GBA) Waluigi Pinball (NDS) Daisy Hills (3DS) Mario Circuit (Wii) Choco Mountain (N64)
Melody Motorway(Music Park in EUR)(3DS) Sherbert Land (GCN) Boo Lake (GBA) DK Snowboarding Cross(DK Summit in EUR)(Wii) Toad Turnpike (N64) Maka Wuhu (3DS)
Kalimari Desert (N64) Dry Dry Ruins (Wii) Koopa Cape (Wii) Cheep Cheep Beach (NDS) Sky Garden (GBA) Maple Treeway (Wii)
Dino Dino Jungle (GCN) Koopa City(Neo Bowser City in EUR)(3DS) Shy Guy Bazaar (3DS) Mushroom Bridge (GCN) DK Jungle (3DS) Mario Circuit 2 (SNES)
Vanilla Lake 1 (SNES) Yoshi Valley (N64) Waluigi Stadium (GCN) Banshee Boardwalk (N64) Donut Plains 2 (SNES) Lakeside Park (GBA)
Ribbon Road (GBA) Mario Circuit 3 (SNES) Koopa Troopa Beach (N64) Choco Island 1 (SNES) Wario Colosseum (GCN) Luigi Raceway (N64)
Grumble Volcano (Wii) Yoshi Falls (NDS) Donut Plains 1 (SNES) Bowser Castle 1 (GBA) Shroom Ridge (NDS) DK Mountains (GCN)

Rainbow CourseEdit

Rainbow Road Cup Rainbowstar Rainbow Road (SNES) Rainbow Road (N64) Rainbow Road (GBA) Rainbow Road (GCN) Rainbow Road (DS) Rainbow Road (Wii) Rainbow Road (3DS) Rainbow Downhill (Arcade)

Battle CoursesEdit

Course Name
Theatre Stage
Chocolate Cake
Isle Defino
Beehive Battle
Rocket Raft
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo ZGP
Urchin Underpass (Wii U)
Wuhu Town (3DS)
Delfino Pier (Wii)
Pipe Plaza (GCN)
Tart Top (NDS)
Double Deck (N64)
Battle Course 4 (GBA)
Battle Course 1 (SNES)



  1. Red Shell- Aims for the person in front of you
  2. 3x Red Shell Same as above
  3. Green Shell- Hits against walls 7 times or until it hits someone.
  4. 3x Green Shell- Same as Above.
  5. Banana Peel- Can be thrown in front or behind and whoever hits it, spins out.
  6. 3x Banana Peel- Same as above.
  7. Mushroom- Gives a short boost.
  8. 3x Mushroom- Gives 3 short boosts
  9. Blooper- Sprays ink onto screens ahead of the user.
  10. POW Block- Spins out people in front of you.
  11. Spiny Shell- Aims for the person in first place and spins them out for 3 seconds.
  12. Bullet Bill- Turns the user into a bullet bill and automatically zooms across the track
  13. Star - When it is used, the user invincible for a short period.
  14. Fake Item Box- Looks like a item box, but not! When someone touches it, the same effect of a Banana Peel
  15. Lightning- Turns everyone in front of you tiny.
  16. Fire Flower- When someone is hit by a fireball, the person who got hit will spin it.


  1. 3x Fake Item Box Same effect as Fake Item Box.
  2. Warp Pipe Swap places with the driver in first place.
  3. E-Laser A laser will shoot infront of the player, temporarily, and whoever gets hit, will spin out.
  4. Super Tanooki Leaf A new item, like the Tanooki Leaf item in Mario Kart 7, it can hit anyone, and as a bonus, a star is added.
  5. E-Spanner- Everyone in front on you will slow down temporarily!
  6. Omega Star- Like the Star, except lasts longer.
  7. Oil Puddle- An oil puddle will spill behind and whoever drives on it will either spin out or slow down.


Feather, Light, Medium, Cruiser and Heavy (Feather, Cat, Light, Medium, Standard, Cruiser and Heavy in ZGP version)


Red Fire: Mario: Medium

Green Fire: Luigi: Medium

Heart Coach: Peach: Medium

Bloom Coach: Princess Daisy: Medium

Turbo Yoshi: Yoshi: Light

Turbo Birdo: Birdo: Cruiser

Toad Kart: Toad: Feather

Toadette Kart: Toadette: Feather

Koopa Dasher: Koopa Troopa: Light

Parawings: Paratroopa: Light

Goomba Dasher: Goomba: Light

Paragoomba Racer: Paragoomba: Light

Shy Kart: Shy Guy: Feather

Fly Kart: Fly Guy: Light

Brute: Wario: Cruiser

Waluigi Racer: Waluigi: Medium

Rosalina Coach: Rosalina: Light

Pauline Coach: Pauline: Cruiser

Mowz Kart: Mowz: Light

Bandit Kart: Bandit: Light

Wood Kart: Whittle: Feather

Tumble Kart: Tumble: Feather

Monty Tank: Monty Mole: Light

Major Burrows Shell: Major Burrows: Heavy

Yellow Buggy: Baby Wario: Feather

Purple Buggy: Baby Waluigi: Feather

Star Coach: Baby Rosalina: Feather

Luma Coach: Luma: Feather

Minecart: Baby Donkey Kong: Feather

Junior Jumbo: Donkey Kong Jr.: Light

Creepy Pipes: Boo: Feather

Cosmic Kart: Cosmic Clone: Medium

Heat Flyer: Fiery Dino Piranha: Heavy

Flame Flyer: Dino Piranha: Heavy

Donut Lava Ride: King Kaliente: Cruiser

Spider Car: Bouldergeist: Heavy


Diaper Buggy: Baby Mario: Feather (Win 50cc and 100cc Mushroom Cup)

Rattle Buggy: Baby Luigi: Feather (Win 50cc and 100cc Flower Cup)

Pink Booster: Baby Peach: Feather (Win 50cc and 100cc Star Cup)

Flower Booster: Baby Daisy: Feather (Win 50cc and 100cc Spiny Cup)

Koopa King: Bowser: Heavy (Win 50cc and 100cc Special Cup 1)

Wreckship Steed: Bowser Jr.: Light (Win 50cc and 100cc Special Cup 2)

DK Jumbo: Donkey Kong: Heavy (Win 50cc and 100cc Special Cup 3)

Barrel Train: Diddy Kong: Light (Win 50cc and 100cc Shell Cup)

Boo Pipes: King Boo: Cruiser (Win 50cc and 100cc Banana Cup)

Petey Pipes: Petey Piranha: Heavy (Win 50cc and 100cc Bob-omb Cup)

Funky Movel: Funky Kong: Heavy (Win 50cc and 100cc Bullet Bill Cup)

Dixie Driver: Dixie Kong: Light (Win 50cc and 100cc Leaf Cup)

Dull Driver: Dry Bones: Medium (Win 50cc and 100cc Lightning Cup)

Dry Kart: Dry Bowser: Cruiser (Win 50cc and 100cc Mega' Shroom Cup)

Noki Shell: Noki: Feather (Win 150cc and 200cc Mushroom Cup)

Watermelon: Pianta: Heavy (Win 150cc and 200cc Flower Cup)

Sledgehammer: Sledge Bro: Heavy (Win 150cc and 200cc Star Cup)

Blooper Movel: Blooper: Medium (Win 150cc and 200cc Spiny Cup)

Cloud 9: Lakitu: Light (Win 150cc and 200cc Special Cup 1)

Bumble V: Honey Queen: Heavy (Win 150cc and 200cc Special Cup 1 and 3)

Bullet Kart: Bullet Bill: Light (Win 150cc and 200cc Special Cup 3)

Banzai Kart: Banzai Bill: Heavy (Win 150cc and 200cc Shell Cup)

King Bob-omb Head: King Bob-omb: Cruiser (Win 150cc and 200cc Banana Cup)

Eyerok Eye: Eyerok: Cruiser (Win 150cc and 200cc Bob-omb Cup)

Pokey Body: Pokey: Cruiser (QR Code)

Big Flower: Wiggler: Heavy (Win 150cc and 200cc Leaf Cup)

Cosmic Coach: Cosmic Spirit: Light (Win 150cc and 200cc Lightning Cup)

Turbo Lubba: Lubba: Cruiser (Win 150cc and 200cc Mega' Shroom Cup)

Turbo Gooper: Gooper Blooper: Heavy (Win Mirror Mushroom Cup)

Cheep Charger: Cheep Cheep: Feather (Win Mirror Flower Cup)

Tiki Movel: Tiki Goon: Light (Win Mirror Star Cup)

Tiny Movel: Tiny Kong: Medium (Win Mirror Spiny Cup)

Crocodile Movel: Kritter: Cruiser (Win Mirror Special Cup 1)

Crocodile Crown: King K. Rool: Heavy (Win Mirror Special Cup 3)

Big Whimp: Whomp: Cruiser (Win Mirror Shell Cup)

Chain Chomp Coupe: Chain Chomp: Light (Win Mirror Banana Cup)

Spike Kart: Spike: Light (Win Mirror Bob-omb Cup)

Koopa Clown: Dragonia Koopa: Medium (Win Mirror Bullet Bill Cup)

Blue Magic Wand: Kamek: Medium (Win Mirror Leaf Cup)

Pink Magic Wand: Kamella: Cruiser (Win Mirror Lightning Cup)

Yoshi Buggy: Baby Yoshi: Feather (Win Mirror Mega' Shroom Cup)

Birdo Buggy: Baby Birdo: Feather (Win Backward Mushroom Cup)

B Airship: Boom Boom: Heavy (Win Backward Flower Cup)

P Airship: Pom Pom: Medium (Win Backward Star Cup)

Penguin 1: Penguin: Medium (Win Backward Spiny Cup)

Snow Ball: Mr. Blizzard: Medium (Win Backward Special Cup 1)

B Dasher: Metal Mario: Heavy (Win Backward Special Cup)

L Dasher: Metal Luigi: Cruiser (Win Backward Special Cup 3)

Paper Red Fire: Paper Mario: Feather: (Win Backward Shell Cup)

Paper Green Fire: Paper Luigi: Feather (Win Backward Banana Cup)

NES 1: Retro Mario: Light (Win Backward Bob-omb Cup)

NES 2: Retro Luigi: Light (Win Backward Bullet Bill Cup)

Poultergust 5000: Professer E. Gadd: Light (Win Backward Leaf Cup)

ROB-STD: R.O.B.: Cruiser (Win Backward Lightning Cup)

Mii Kart: Mii Kart Outfit: Medium (Win all Cups)

Mii Bike: Mii Kart Outfit: Light (Win all Cups)

Gold Kart: All: Any weights (Win Bob-Omb Blast)

Hammer Movel: Hammer Bro: Medium (QR Code)

Mallet Bike: Mallet: Light (QR Code)

Goomba Striker: Goombario: Light (QR Code)

Deserted Bomber: Tutankaboom: Heavy (QR Code)



Super Glider



Beast Glider: Play 44 Time Trials

Flower Glider: Play 48 Time Trials

Swoop: Play 52 Time Trials

Bee Wings: Play 56 Time Trials

Para-Cact: Play 60 Time Trials

Peach/Daisy/Pauline Parasol: Play 64 Time Trials

Tryclyde Scales: Play 68 Time Trials

Gold Glider: Play 72 Time Trials

Hammer Balloon: QR Code

Cheep Cheep Chute: QR Code

Goomba Glider: QR Code

Scuttlebug: QR Code

International ModeEdit

International Mode is new mode in the Mario Kart series. The player is allowed to access the mode and play city-themed circuits around the world. The player starts in Poland city-themed circuits.

DLC Packs Edit

Exclusive to ZGP version!

Hammer Pack Edit

This two hammer-working annoyance return to complete a race! Buy Hammer Pack with new pair: Hammer Bro and Mallet to twice the fun!

Characters Edit

Name Weight Special Item Favorite Course
Hammer Bro Medium Hammers Sledge Bridge
Mallet Light Shuriken Throw Mallet's Raceway

Items Edit

  • Hammer Flower (NEW): Allows the player to shoot 4 hammers.

Cups Edit

Hammer Cup

  • Sledge Bridge
  • Choco Island 2 (SNES)
  • Mallet's Raceway
  • Maple Treeway (Wii)

Boo Cup

  • Bowser Castle 2 (SNES)
  • Sky Garden (GBA)
  • Sherbet Land (N64)
  • Koopa Beach 1 (SNES)

Parts Edit

  • Hammer Movel
  • Mallet Bike
  • Hammer Balloons
  • Cheep Cheep Chute

All-in-One Pack Edit

A duet who don't appear in this game? Yes! This duet came for Super Mario: Panel Panic. This is Mario's two partners..... Goombario and Tutankaboom!

Characters Edit

Name Weight Special Item Favorite Course
Goombario Light Mega Size Goomba Valley
Tutankaboom Heavy Tutanchamon Bob-Ombs Bob-omb Island

Items Edit

  • Boomerang Flower - Acts like in Mario Kart 8.