Lightning Best Eleven is one of soccer teams appearing in Return of the Best Eleven, The Random Block's own movie. Their captain is Mark Evans.

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The whole uniform of the team has been changed. The field players now have light blue as base color, with two white stripes on them, fitted along with dark green shorts with two yellow stripes. The goalkeeper wears a yellow, long-sleeved shirt, with dark green sleeves and a white/dark blue stripe on the sleeves, fitted along with yellow shorts with two white stripes. Their socks are yellow - except of the first goalkeeper's which is dark blue, with dark green cleats. The reserve goalkeeper wears an antracite, long-sleeved shirt, with dark blue sleeves and a white/black stripe on the sleeves, fitted along with black shorts with two white stripes on them and antracite socks. Their logos, that are red and gold, are located at the left side of the outfit. The captain wears a yellow armband.

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