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June 30, 2011

July 1 ,2011

July 17. 2011

July 20, 2011




1-4 Players



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Nintendo 3DS


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Koopa Kart remake on my 3DS Game.


Single PlayerEdit

Grand PrixEdit

Race for gold in 5 exciting races!

Time TrialsEdit

Race for the best time.

Quick RunEdit

Race with custom settings.

Double DashEdit

Race with two characters on one kart.

Custom Track CreatorEdit

Build your own tracks or battle-stages and play them in Quick Run-mode or Online with your friends!

Cups CreatorEdit

Build your own cups.

Balloon BattleEdit

Pop your opponents' balloons with items.

Coin RunnersEdit

Collect as many coins as you can!


Complete Mario Kart-themed missions and beat the Boss!


Quick RunEdit

Race against your friends with customized settings.

Balloon BattleEdit

Pop your friends' balloons.

Coin RunnersEdit

Collect as many coins as you can.


Race or battle with people all over the world.


A Button (Hold) Accelerate your vehicle
B Button (Press) Stop your vehicle (Hold) Drive in reverse
X Button (Press) Use item
Y Button (Press) Look backwards
R Button (Hold while turning) Drift
L Button (Hold while turning) Drift
Control Pad (Down) (Hold) Switch to 1st person mode
Circle Pad (Tilt) Steer your vehicle
Select Button (Press) Photo Menu (similair to Brawl)
Start Button (Press) Pause the game
Stylus (Tap Screen) Switch map


The characters are split up into these weight classes: feather, light, medium, cruiser, and heavy. Each has a

Koopa Kart 3DS Selection Screen

special item.

This image is the earlier image that has Mario instead of Mecha Mario.

Image Name Description Weight Special Item If Unlockable
Baby Mario MK9 Baby Mario The infant form of Mario returns to the race track. Baby Mario has good handling and acceleration but lacks in drift and speed Feather Cape Feather - Baby Mario pulls out Cape Feather and sprint in 30 seconds unlimitely. No
Baby Luigi MK9 Baby Luigi Baby Luigi is Baby Mario's brother and the infant form of Luigi. Baby Luigi has averagly balanced stats with good speed and handling. Feather Boo Balls - Baby Luigi rolls the ball and whoever it hits gets attacked by Boo's Yes, by winning the 50cc Mushroom Cup.
Baby Peach MK9 Baby Peach The infant form of Peach is ready to race again. Baby Peach has good handling and bad acceleration Feather Triple Bullet Bill - Baby Peach fires three Bullet Bills which target players in front or behind No
Baby Daisy MK9 Baby Daisy Baby Daisy is Baby Peach's best friend and infant form of Daisy. Baby Daisy has good acceleration but lacks in speed. Feather Blossom Block - Baby Daisy throws some seeds into the sky, these then grow into giant flowers on the track, acting as hazards. Yes, by winning the 50cc Flower Cup.
Baby Wario KK3DS Baby Wario Hey, who's that in the driver's seat? Oh, it's just Baby Wario. He has good weight and acceleration, but bad speed. Feather Triple Magnets - Baby Wario puts his three Magnets on her spin all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 50cc Star Cup.
Baby DK KK3DS Baby DK Baby DK is the infant form of DK and helps Yoshi out on his island. He is a balanced driver but has averagely low off-road. Feather Giant Banana - Baby DK pulls out a giant banana and throws it onto the track, any player it hits will spin. Yes, by winning the 50cc Special Cup.
Shy Guy MK9 Shy Guy Shy Guy's are a troublemaking enemy of Mario. Shy Guy has an above average speed stat and a below avergae handling stat. Feather Shy Charge - Shy Guy summons an army of different coloured Shy Guy's who charge around the track spinning the players and throwing them back down the track. No
Fly Guy KK3DS Fly Guy Fly Guy is Shy Guy is a trouble enemy of Mario. Fly Guy has an above average speed stat and a below avergae handng stat. Light Propellor Flight - Fly Guy's propellor starts spinning, and soon he's in the air. He goes even higher than Baby Peach! Fly Guy can dodge obstacles and walls you all the other drivers when spin. Yes, by winning the 50cc Shell Cup.
Goomba KK3DS Goomba Goomba are a troublemaking enemy of Mario. Goomba has an above average speed stat and below avergae handling stat. Light Triple Mega Mushroom - Goomba is a boss of three Mega Mushrooms. Goomba is Mega suround all the other driver when hit. No
Paragoomba KK3DS Paragoomba Paragoomba is Goomba best friends and of minion of Goomba. Paragoomba has an above average speed stat and below avergae handling stat. Light Triple Star - Paragoomba gets three stars on the Paragoomba. You all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 50cc Banana Cup.
Blooper KK3DS Blooper Blooper is an aquatic enemy of Mario and often helps Bowser in his plans. Blooper has averagely balanced stats but has a low speed stat. Light Bloop Bomb - Blooper throws a gloop bomb into the air, which explodes and entirely covers all the other driver's screens. Yes, by winning hte 50cc Leaf Cup.
Boo KK3DS Boo Boo is a white ghost and minion of King Boo. Boo has averagely balanced stats with acceleration being his best stat. Light Ghost Hunt - Boo turns him and his kart invisible and is able to immoblize karts by driving through them. It lasts until someone hits him on the back side of the vehicle. No
Spike KK3DS Spike Spike is Dragonia Koopa's ever youngest minion of Dragonia Koopa. Spike has averagely balanced stats with acceleration being his best stat. Light Spike Bomb - Spike throws a bomb into the air which explodes volcano all over the other drivers screens. No
Lakithunder KK3DS Lakithunder Lakithunder is Lakitu was ever best friend minion of Lakitu. Lakthunder has averagely balanced stats with acceleration being his best stat. Light Spinies - Lakithunder throws a Spiny Egg into the track all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 50cc Lightning Cup.
Koopa MK9 Koopa Troopa Koopa Troopa is the main minion of Bowser. Koopa Troopa has quite balanced stats but has a very low speed stat. Medium Seven Green Shells - Koopa Troopa has seven Green Shells which surround his vehicle, which he can either fire or protect him. No
Paratroopa MK9 Paratroopa Paratroopa is a winged version of the minion, Koopa Troopa. Paratroopa has a good off-road stat and a bad speed stat. Medium Giant Para-Shell - Paratroopa throw a giant Para-Shell, which he can either fire. No
MKWii DryBones Dry Bones Dry Bones is a skinless version of a Koopa Troopa and minion of Dry Bowser. Dry Bones is has average stats with a slight gain in handling. Medium Triple Dry Shells - Dry Bones kart is surronded by Three Dry Shells which explode on impact with any driver. No
LakituNova Lakitu Lakitu is an enemy, which resides in clouds, and throws Spinies to defend itself. Lakitu is a averagely balanced driver with a higher speed stat. Medium Dark Cloud - Lakitu surronds all the other drivers with Dark Cloud's, which trap them for 10 seconds. Yes, by winning the 100cc Mushroom Cup.
Mecha Mario The mechatical version of Mario goes to kart and races. Recides is very hard. Mecha Mario lacks in drift and handling, but speed is too faaaaast. Cruiser Mecha Fork - Mecha Mario surrounds three players with a fork, which trap they in 15 seconds. Yes, by winning the 100cc Flower Cup
Monty Mole KK3DS Monty Mole Monty Mole is an enemy main mascot and hero of the cliff or Mario Games. Monty Mole has balanced stats. Medium Wrenches - Monty Mole throws the wrench all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 100cc Star Cup.
Cheep Cheep KK3DS Cheep Cheep Cheep Cheep is Blooper was ever as best friends minion of Blooper. Cheep Cheep has balanced stats. Medium Triple Golden Shells - Cheep Cheep has three golden shells you fire out a other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 100cc Special Cup.
Hammer Bro. MK9 Hammer Bro. Hammer Bro is Sledge Bro was ever as best friends minion of Sledge Bro. Hammer Bro. has balanced stats. Cruiser Sledge - Hammer Bro pull the sledge hammer you POW Block spin all the other drivers. No
Wiggler MK9 Wiggler Wiggler is a long, millipede like enemy which sometimes appears as a boss. Wiggler is quite a balanced driver with a downfall in his speed stat. Cruiser Flutter Jump - Wiggler summons a Flutter, who picks him up and throws far ahead of the position he was in. No
Bowser Jr. MK9 Bowser Jr Bowser Jr is the youngest Koopaling and son of Bowser. Bowser Jr has very balanced stats. Cruiser Magic Paintbrush - Bowser Jr picks up his magic paintbrush and turns the other drivers screens crazy, making it impossible to see clearly. No
Kamek KK3DS Kamek The master wizard is kart racing! Kamek has good weight and accleeration, but bad speed. Cruiser Magic Spell - Kamek bring out wand the Magic Spell you spin all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 100cc Shell Cup.
Larry Koopa KK3DS Larry Koopa Larry Koopa is Bowser's ever youngest Koopaling. She is good at drifting but bad at off roading. Cruiser Magic Bolt - Larry Koopa pulls out her Magic Wand and fires a giant magic bolt which explodes on each driver, shrinking as it does so. Yes, by winning the 100cc Banana Cup.
Koopa Kid KK3DS Koopa Kid Koopa Kid is Bowser Jr. ever youngest Bowser friends. She is good at drifting but bad at off roading. Cruiser Bowser's Shell - Koopa Kid pulls out a Bowser's Shell and throws it ahead. The shell will target all of the driver's making them spin and lose their items. Yes, by winning the 100cc Leaf Cup.
Chain Chomp KK3DS Chain Chomp Chain Chomp is a long, millipede like enemy which sometimes appears as a boss. Chain Chomp is quite a balanced driver with a downfall in his speed stat. Cruiser Cosmic Blast - Chain Chomp radiates a high amount of Cosmic Energy which freezed all the other drivers for 15 seconds. Yes, by winning the 100cc Lightning Cup.
Dry Bowser MK9 Dry Bowser Dry Bowser is the bone version of Bowser, who commands a army of Dry Bones. Dry Bowser is a very good drifter and off-roader but not a very good speeder or handler. Heavy Bone Barrier - Dry Bowser create a barrier of 8 bones and attacks the opponents. No
Goomboss KK3DS Goomboss Goomboss is a Boss Battle on Super Mario 64 DS and a common minion of Goomba. Goomboss has a high handling and drift stat but lacks in acceleration. Heavy 1-Up Mushroom - Goomboss gets 1-Up Lives on Mario Series all the other drivers gets all 1-Up Lives. No
Big Bob-omb KK3DS Big Bob-omb Big Bob-omb is King Boo friends minion of Bob-omb. Big Bob-omb has a high handling and drift stat but lacks in acceleration. Heavy Triple Bob-omb - Big Bob-omb's vehicle gets equipped with Three Bob-omb's which he can use to protect himself or throw at other drivers to Yes, by winning the 150cc Mushroom Cup.
Gooper Blooper KK3DS Gooper Blooper Gooper Blooper is Blooper is best friend minion of Cheep Cheep. Gooper Blooper is back for revenge on the track. Gooper Blooper has one of the lowest speeds in the game but he has the best drift stat in the game. Heavy Triple Blooper - Gooper Blooper gets three Bloopers explodes all the other drivers in the screen. Yes, by winning the 150cc Flower Cup.
Wendy O.Koopa KK3DS Wendy O Koopa Wendy O Koopa is Iggy Koopa of Koopalings minion of Iggy Koopa. Wendy O Koopa has balanced avergae. Heavy Magic Rings - Wendy O Koopa puts on Magic of Rings explodes all the other drivers when hit. Yes, by winning the 150cc Star Cup.
Ludwig Von Koopa KK3DS Ludwig Von Koopa Ludwig Von Koopa is Morton Koopa Jr. of Koopaling minion of Morton Koopa Jr. Ludwig Von Koopa has balanced avergae. Heavy Blue Fireballs - Ludwig Von Koopa puts on Magic of Blue Fireballs explodes all the other drivers when spin. No
Pokey KK3DS Pokey Pokey is Eyerok in the desert friends minion of Eyerok. Pokey has balanced avergae. Heavy Dry Bowser's Shell - Pokey pulls out a Dry Bowser's Shell and throws it ahead. The shell will target all of the driver's making them spin and lose their items. Yes, by winning the 150cc Special Cup.
Mii Hey! What Miis have a race? Female Miis are racing in Koopa King, and male in Mario's Sprinters. Depending stats on their weight. Any weight, it depends Super-Random - The Miis are awesome! They can use every single special item. Lucky them! No.


On Item TrackEdit


Invinciblity Leaf

Item Box

Star Coin

Retro ItemsEdit

Wii POW Block

3DS Lucky Seven

3DS Super Leaf

DS Blooper

DS Bullet Bill

GCN Chain Chomp

GCN Heart

GCN Yoshi Egg

SNES Red Shell

SNES Green Shell

SNES Banana

N64 Lightning

N64 Boo

SNES Feather

Wii Lightning Cloud

N64 Red Shell Trio

N64 Spiny Shell

N64 Triple Banana

N64 Triple Mushroom

SNES Mushroom

Wii Mega Mushroom

SNES Golden Mushroom


AV Seafoam Spiny Shell

GCN Bob-Omb

New ItemsEdit

Crazy 8



Boomerang Flower

Dash Pepper

New Projectiles Edit

  1. Smoove Move Shell - It is very same as in Giant Para-Shell, Paratroopa's special item, but you throw Smoove Move's shell and protect one of CPUs.
  2. Rock Mushroom - You will throw three boulders and the players can equipped with boulders and rolls in 30 seconds.
  3. Red Star - You will flying on the skies of courses, this item has got 50-second Air Metre. While the Air Metre runs out to 0, you can race.
  4. Strobe Camera - A camera that make a strobe light.
  5. Infi-9 - The infinity item. Nine items can surround the player. This items are: Mushroom, Green Shell, Red Shell, Star, Blooper, Bob-Omb, POW Block, Spiny and Red Star.



Standard 7

Bolt Buggy

Standard Wii

B Dasher:50 coins

Birthday Girl

Bumble V:100 coins

Turbo Yoshi:200 coins

Egg 1:300 coins

Barrel Train:150 coins

Growlster:250 coins

Goo Goo Buggy:350 coins

Koopa Clown:400 coins

Cloud 9:450 coins

Blue Seven:500 coins

Koopa King550 coins

Brute:650 coins

Red Fire:700 coins

Daisy Driver:750 coins

Soda Jet:800 coins

Cact-X:850 coins

Bullet Blaster:900 coins

Petery Piranha Pipes:950 coins

Parawings:1000 coins

Turbo Blooper:1100 coins

Jetsetter:1200 coins

Cheep Charger:1300 coins

Wild Wings:1400 coins

B Dasher Mk2:1500 coins

Pipe Frame

Piranha Prowler:1700 coins

Tiny Tug:1800 coins

Gherkin:1900 coins

Blue Falcon:2000 coins

Turbo:2100 coins

Mushmellow:3200 coins

Dry Bomber:3100 coins

Gold Mantics:3000 coins

Rambi Rider:2900 coins

Tyrant:2800 coins

Light Dancer:2700 coins

Royale:2600 coins

ROB-LGS:2500 coins

Sleeping Bag THOR

Bradly Bed:2400 coins

Van Dancer:2300 coins

Car Rider:2200 coins

Skull Cart

Galaxy Star Car:Download this with Geno, Shooting Star and SNES Rainbow Road

Gold Kart: Play 16 Time Trials


Standard Wii

Bubble Bike

Nitrocycle:1600 coins

Bullet Bike:3300 coins


Mach Bike

Zip Zip:Download this with Goombario, Mini Goombas and Koopa Street

Spear:3400 coins

Wario Bike3500 coins

Flame Runner:3600 coins

Quacker:3700 coins

Shooting Star:3800 coins

Gold Bike: 1st at Award Ceremony


Standard 7



Roller:1st at Award Ceremony



Slick:3900 coins

Red Monster:4000 coins

Slim:4100 coins

Mini:4200 coins

Gold Tires:Play 1 Time Trial


Super Glider

Peach Parasol


Flower Glider:Same as in Slim

Blooper Glider

Fish Kite

Swoop:4500 coins

Beast Glider:5000 coins

Gold Glider:Koopa Kart Downloader


New CupsEdit

Mushroom Cup Flower Cup Star Cup Honey Cup Special Cup
Goomboss Circuit Koopa Circuit Sherbet Glacier Fly Guy Clouds Hammer Bro Pier
Thwomp Savanna Cheep Cheep River Lakitu's Stadium Baby Mario Palace Chompwork Sea
Spike Valley Bowser Jr's Breakdown Bowser Station DK Jungle Ruins C'est Delfino
Baby Peach School Flip-Swap Path Boo's Horror Castle Koopa Loop Bowser Castle
Koopa Beach 1 Koopa Beach 2 Koopa Beach 3 Koopa Beach 4 Rainbow Road

Retro CupsEdit

Shell Cup Banana Cup Leaf Cup Lightning Cup Yoshi Cup
GBA Mario Circuit GBA Sunset Wilds GBA Snow Land GBA Ribbon Road GBA Peach Circuit
GCN Peach Beach GCN Mario Circuit GCN Sherbet Land GCN Dino Dino Jungle GCN Daisy Cruiser
DS Yoshi Falls DS Waluigi Pinball DS DK Pass DS Peach Gardens DS Shroom Ridge
Wii Mushroom Gorge Wii DK Summit Wii Grumble Volcano Wii Koopa Cape Wii Moonview Highway
AV Mushroom Hills AV Good Egg Galaxy AV Baby Circuit AVr Mushroom Kartway AV Rainbow Sky Generator

Special CupsEdit

Star Bit Cup Bob-omb Cup Mega Shroom Cup Coin Cup Rainbow Cup
Honeyhive Circuit GBA Boo Lake Alpine Temple Diddy Park GBA Rainbow Road
Yoshi City

Yoshi's Neon City

GCN Bowser's Castle

GCN Koopa Castle

Magma Mine Blooper Baserun GCN Rainbow Road
Blooper Beach DS Airship Fortress Wiggler Circuit DK Island DS Rainbow Road
Dry Bones Deck Wii Wario's Gold Mine Bob-omb Factory Chain Chomp Romp Wii Rainbow Road
Lumoshi's Maka Wuhu Neo Lumoshi City Lumoshi's Jinx Lumoshi's Mountain Lumoshi's Rainbow Road

Battle CoursesEdit

New Retro
Comet Observatory SNES Battle Course 2
Sock In to Lakitu N64 Skyscraper
Block Tower GBA Battle Course 4
Jungle Jinx GCN Tilt-A-Kart
Western Station DS Palm Shore
Beach Bowl Galaxy Wii Funky Stadium
Volcano Path AV Desert Ruins

DLC Packs Edit

Like Mario Kart Double Dash The Squeals, there are two new packs. They are "Galaxy Pack" and "Street Racer Pack". Each consist a character, a body of kart or a bike, an item, and a Special Event course.

Galaxy Pack Edit

It worths 50 coins.

  • Geno (Character)
  • Galaxy Star Car (Kart Body)
  • Shooting Star (Item)
  • SNES Rainbow Road (Course)

Street Racer Pack Edit

It worths 100 coins. When you buy the pack, a new mode, Street Race was included. The player can freely race through the courses.

  • Goombario (Character)
  • Zip Zip (Bike Body)
  • Micro-Goombas (Item)
  • Koopa Street (Course)